Wednesday, August 31, 2011

UK 'Guardian’ publishes contributors who reject Israel’

Jerusalem Post claims that British newspaper UK 'Guardian’ consistently publishes commentary from Palestinians who reject Israel’s legitimacy.

IMO: The Guardian has this right, and it doesn't use megaphone diplomacy - it can hardly get an MP elected when it wishes to. Plenty of Jews outside as well as within Israel are sick and tired of Israel's alleged corruption. Of course I can see they have problems there.

The Palestinian leadership is expected to present their request to be admitted to UN membership when the general assembly meets in September. Membership of the UN requires security council approval, which the US has already said it will veto.

The Palestinians are then expected to request an enhanced "non-member state" status, which needs a two-thirds majority in the general assembly. They claim to have the backing so far of 124 of the UN's 193 members, and expect to get a majority by the time of a vote.

IMO: In fact as I pointed out earlier many believe that Israel was founded by Adolf Htler, and many Jews appear to be neo-Nazis. This can not help matters. Ben Hecht could see that and brought out some of the Nazi/Jew collaboratin details, and so can many other later Jews. The average Zionist woman you can easily meet through 'TimeOut' for example, even brings things to the point where you could think the Nazis were almost lenient on Anne Frank. Bad stuff.

IMO: I did say earlier "we can look forward to a unilateral declaration of statehood in September" FWIW. And I also said "it is a great pity that none of these people seem to be able to come to sensible terms, In the long run a measure of syncretism should have helped the opposing Middle Eastern groups, and quite possibly even the USA".

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