Saturday, May 28, 2011

Politics, Politics

Although US Congress is in Netanyahu's pocket, the Obama administration isn't. Netanyahu insulted the President at the White House last Thursday and then again in the halls of Congress by eliciting support for policies Obama rejects. And the administration is furious.

That means that although Palestinians can and should ignore Congress, the White House and State Department are still in play. Yes, they will both go along with Netanyahu, but, probably, without much enthusiasm.

And they can send a signal to allies that although the United States cannot openly oppose because of Congress - and AIPAC's control of it - the allies can. The Palestinians should not give up on Obama or on Secretary of State Clinton either who cannot abide Netanyahu and made sure she was out of the country to escape being present for his speech.

And so we can look forward to a unilateral declaration of statehood in September. The Israelis who refuse to negotiate with stateless Palestinians will have no choice but to negotiate with the state whose land it is occupying. And those negotiations, state to state, may produce peace and the "two states for two peoples" that most Palestinians and Israelis aspire to.

Palestinians should thank Prime Minister Netanyahu and, even more, the United states Congress for making their choice so much easier. Together they helped create the Palestinian state today. As for Americans, they should be deeply ashamed of their Congress. It has been sold to the highest bidder.

IMO: Well the above is a view commonly expressed, and is given in the latest Aljazeera. It seems to me that it is a great pity that none of these people seem to be able to come to sensible terms, In the long run a measure of syncretism should have helped the opposing Middle Eastern groups, and quite possibly even the USA.

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