Thursday, December 20, 2012

Archbishop of Canterbury's warning

Archbishop of Canterbury says "society can’t wait to get old people ‘off our hands’". British society is missing out on a massive contribution the elderly could play because too many people are simply waiting for them to die, the Archbishop of Canterbury has warned.

Very true in my opinion. In fact I commented on the Archbishop's clear and strong comments in  the UK Daily Telegraph. I have heard stronger comments from practicing UK doctors in Harley Street.  I said:

"In my experience both as  a paying patient and as an NHS patient, UK medical treatment, at least in London, is abominably bad.

Now this is my present position which may assist some. In the UK I made every effort to get treatment or checkup. Not even a sight by any Doctor - I was bedridden and had x-rays to show why, which no doctor even looked at. Fancy orthopedic surgeons, for example, were either "on holiday" or just did not reply at all. Pretty bad, as you can see. Then my wife got a toothache, and had to attend an NHS dentist  - I will not go into the annoying details but when her final "permanent filling" simply fell out, she was simply told she had to have her teeth extracted. I thought "thank goodness those rascals did not see me, they probably would have cut my leg off or simply killed me".. And it was even stated that some NHS dentists buy dangerous X-ray equipment on Ebay for maybe £200 when the proper gear would be at least £4000.  And in fact one UK newspaper mentioned that a lot of elderly people die within 6 months of a fracture Very understandable.

Anyway at the moment I am in India (where needless to say you certainly have to look for a good hospital). As my wife's tooth was paining badly I sent her in first to hospital  She got excellent treatment by a local endodontist who laughed at the horrid mess the NHS had done, then put her right in three easy sessions, doing root canal treatment etc and retaining her teeth which now look good. Not like the NHS. So I went in to an orthopedic surgeon. 3 hours it took. 5 X-rays, detailed report, lots of medicines for a brief time and most important, long term physiotherapy which I can mainly do myself. Total cost for both : LESS THAN THE 'FREE' NHS - which I have paid for by taxes for many years.

On osteoporosis, I would say it is important for anyone to get an accurate diagnosis from a good doctor as soon as possible. I think I may now manage mainly with physiotherapy and I think good physiotherapy must be important to many others - I was diagnosed with arthritis in addition to the other leg problems, and I think physio seems an excellent idea. My present doctor is happy to do two knee replacements and a hip replacement immediately if need be, but he said to avoid these if possible. Physiotherapy will probably cure the knee arthritis and the hip break seems well healed."

No wonder UK "Doctors" are sometimes referred to as "Shipmans", the name of the criminal mass murdering doctor apparently hanged in his prison cell. In my view the NHS is a very good idea, and is a basic integral part of UK society. But as for politicians - the UK has not had a decent PM (for all his faults) since Sir Anthony Eden. (I never knew Eden but I knew his brother). As for the rest - apart maybe from Wilson - I think the French have a word - crapule - to describe the UK politicians. It is no joke, many current UK MPs should be jailed, and the UK nowadays is sadly not the country that decent people would wish it to be. 

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