Sunday, December 04, 2011

Silly Clegg and his 'cuts'

Universal benefits for pensioners, including free bus passes and television licences, should be means-tested, Nick Clegg has said.

IMO: A lot of older people desperately need these things, and there is unlikely to be substantial - if any - savings for such a 'cut'. Rather, there would be more useless 'jobsworths' (or babus) required to apply the cuts.

Conservative ministers are understood to be “dead set” against any move to water down universal benefits for fear of a popular backlash.

IMO: Quite right.

IMO: In India, Team Anna are trying to get a Lokpal bill passed, so that reasonably aggrieved people can get people like silly Clegg sacked from his job right away, before he does any more damage..

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