Monday, November 21, 2011

Syro-Malabar Catholic nun killed

It is generally believed that the nun, Sr. Valsa John, was killed by people connected to a mining company she was campaigning against.

Archbishop Maria Soosa Pakiam of Trivandrum said of John: "With her exemplary life and courage to fight evil, Sister John has shown us that we need to rededicate our lives for our faith and work for the poor."

IMO: Quite so. If only the Anglicans and the Roman Catholics would do the same. Clearly the local Jharkand jobsworth politicians, along with the followers of Chaimen Mao, had arranged for about 100 people to come out and hack her to death.

Further, TwoCircles says this. and much more: "This certainly is not a question of persecution of a minority community. Sr Valsa was in Dumka not as a proselyser, as some in the print and electronic media make her seem, but as a human rights activist obeying her calling. But the murder does have a critical mission dimension. After being battered into some sort of submission to the will of the state during the seven year regime of the pro Hindutva Bharatiya Janata Party-led National Democratic Alliance, and the last eight years of an insipid United Progressive Alliance, the church is at the cusp, or the precipice, of a great rethink.

The State has betrayed the Church on the issue of rights to Dalit Christians. It has given no clear answer in the Supreme court which is hearing Writ petitions by various groups on restoring the rights of Dalit Muslims and Christians which they enjoyed before the passing of the 1950 Presidential Order. The State has also shown no signs of reversing the notorious Freedom of Faith laws enacted by many Congress and BJP ruled States. The government is also playing an insidious game in using the Right to Education Act to “tame” the church institutions. These are signals as much as the central government’s silence to the call of that great Hindutva leader, oncologist Dr Praveen Togadia of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad who has called for the beheading of anyone who converts a single Hindu. Any other person would have been in jail for saying less.

Will the church be cowed down before this building pressure. There are some murmurs saying that the church must focus on faith and leave social action to others. A section of the Church wants to focus on insinuation building. A small but influential section of the church wants to stress its “nationalistic” credentials to cosy up to the right wing Hindutva elements and evade their political wrath. But this is not the majority of the Church."

IMO: Up to a point this echoes many people's feelings about the attitude of the right wing UK Press, and ludicrous atheists like Dawkins, towards the Archbishop of Canterbury who is trying to further decent views of reason against the 1%, who will even use toxic sprays against innocent people to further their satanic greed..

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