Thursday, November 24, 2011

Proposal to have Tesco and Walmart in India

That is the latest Govt. plan. But just down the road, the other day I bought 2 big dinners for a total of 80 rupees. That is about 1 UK pound. Not only did we get two really big, splendid and filling 5 course meals, but there was enough left for dinner and breakfast for two. Now even from the present  Indian supermarkets you will certainly not get that, in fact sometimes they are even much dearer than the UK. The secret ? The average wage here is said to be 20 rupees a day so if you live local, costs have to be low. But if India has to live off Tesco and Walmart, then violent revolution, normally extremely unlikely in India, becomes a real possibility. Of course it is possible that those firms could introduce efficient transit methods but it will all cause more unemployment. Generally I do not favour allowing these foreign exploiters into India, the local supermarkets are already too expensive for poorer people.

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