Friday, November 11, 2011

Norwegian report on Sri Lanka

A disturbing report just released in Oslo, Noway, has appeared on TamilNet. This appears to have been produced by Norad, the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation. PDF here.

Tamilnet itself produces many wise conclusions, well worth reading, one point being "Those who steered Norway’s peace process, especially in the last stages, were either in a dream world or miscalculated on bringing in ‘peace’ of their perception by making one of the two nations surrender to the other. They not only failed the peace efforts but have also endangered the world order and Norway’s future prospects. If Norway really worries about the dangers of ‘Asian model’ of conflict resolution, it is time for Norway to think of fresh strategies of peace building initiatives for its development paradigm by upholding the quest of nations without state to get their states. Norway could even inspire the entire west in this regard, and the independence of Eelam Tamils is a good beginning to set the record right".

So a bit more fairness, even independence, for the Eelam Tamils might well be good for everybody in the long run.

Now the complexities of the situation may easily be considered 'almost Byzantine' and less hardy minds may easily balk at them. In this short blog I will only make a few more points.

Delhi seems to consider itself as representing India in some way. People outside Delhi frequently differ and feel that it is bogged down in itself, in a kind of narcissistic way. Also the Gandhi family often seem to have a grudge against the Tamils. It probably got worse after the Tamils assassinated Sonia Gandhi's husband, which was one suicide bombing anyone could understand. And Rajiv Gandhi seems to had a very corrupt invovement with the arms trade, the Bofors gun scandal being just the tip of the iceberg. Even the often rather pro-Delhi "Times of India" seemed to admit India wanted the LTTE 'put in its place' - which seems unfortunately to have been the grave. Also, the A. Raja matter, involving some 30 bllion US dollars purloined, seems to have been directly connected with donations, mainly from Canada, and in fact intended effectively for the LTTE cause. That sort of money is somewhere near the order of  the total indian military budget ! Then we have the high level of obstruction of free speech, and the censorship, in Sri Lanka. Now the Sri Lankans are supposed to be Buddhists and their bad behaviour shames Buddhism. Also they kow tow to the Chinese, hardly a free society at best. All this sort of thing cannot help the progress of the Dalai Lama, who complains correctly about the treatment of Buddhists in now occupied Tibet. The Sri Lankans appear less concerned with Buddhism than with cash, a bad mistake especially if dealing with China, Is Sri Lanka to become a sort of colony of China ruled by corrupt satraps ? India, or at least Delhi, does not seem to care. But that's Delhi diplomacy - for the wealthy 1% The Tamils are still often a devoutly religious people, so Tamil genocide may suit the worldly.

IMO: One must hope that the Anna Hazare program brings some worthwhile results.

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