Monday, November 28, 2011

NATO under fire from Pakistan

The NATO air attack on Pakistani military outposts over the weekend, in which 24 soldiers were killed, was an accident waiting to happen.

Military sources said that a US-Afghan special forces mission had been in the area, where they believed a Taliban training camp was operating.

They said the mission came under fire from a position within Pakistan, and they received permission from the headquarters of Nato's Isaf mission to fire back.

IMO: Obviously if NATO was attacked by Pakistan, they had to defend themselves. If Michelle Bachman supports US aid to Pakistan, something has to be very wrong. The point is that the US has to defend itself against the clear nuclear threats by such as Musheraff, and the US state department has tended to lack knowledge of the situation as it is. Pakistan is a failed state. It has survived through US support and now will seemingly get Chinese 'support'. If I were in Pakistan, I would not gripe about the US troops defending themselves and ultimately Pakistan. The Pakis are making things worse for themselves and must try harder to rid their country from extremism. Pakistan needs decent knowledgeable leaders, and it is hard for anyone to get those nowadays

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