Thursday, October 06, 2011

Videos show police brutality at Occupy Wall Street protests in USA

Two peaceful female protesters were first penned in by police, then at least one of the young women is sprayed directly in the face at close range with pressurized mace. She then falls to her knees, and repeatedly screams in pain.

There is also a photo of a white-collar police officer reaching over a barricade and ripping a young woman's hair out.

IMO: Video and photo details here. There is obviously some reason for complaint by the general public. Thank goodness it is still not as bad in India, where at the moment only complaining MPs etc. are jailed.

Typical comment was "That is the most disgusting abuse of Police power I've seen this week.  I can't say "ever seen" since the Cops in the USA are increasingly one-upping their flat-out-disregard for the bill of rights and civil rights in general on a daily basis.   I see those women being abused like that and it makes me furious.   Disgusting pigs."

IMO: Just wait till the Tea Party are running things

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