Saturday, October 01, 2011

Shunning the Mahatma

This much quoted article makes a great number of correct points

For example

"In the India we made, we have successfully deprived the poor of their voice in its making. We have created an India where more than 17,000 farmers commit suicide every year. We have created an India in which 830 million people live on Rs. 20 a day."

And India has very many other problems mentioned in this most worthwhile analysis

IMO: Nonetheless it is possible to say with pride at the end of the day "This IS the India that Gandhiji created". We just have to compare other nations like for example USA, UK and the EU - there is still room for pride, but much more has to be done. I will not compare these other places in a derogatory way at this time, but as somone who has spent a great deal of time in all of them, I can certainly see the difference. But we must continue to excel, and live up to the high standards of the Mahatma. For example Gandhiji said Indian culture is neither Hindu, Islamic, nor any other, wholly; it is a fusion of all. even with its gross imperfections, this is still true. And certainly, one improvement would be a working prohibition system and more vegetarianism. Many things can be done. For India, certainly all is not lost.All may well be lost for totally decadent countries like the UK, but India can still look to the future with hope and pride.

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