Saturday, October 08, 2011

Patients go hungry in half of UK hospitals:

Elderly routinely left for hours without a drink

Nearly half of hospitals visited by undercover inspectors are failing to meet basic nutrition standards, a damning report has warned.

Elderly patients are routinely left without anything to drink for hours, with some so dehydrated they are being put on drips.

Other patients found themselves regularly being fed by their relatives because nursing staff were too 'busy' (IMO: probably 'corrupt and idle') to help.

Hospitals slip Do Not Resuscitate orders inside patients’ notes without telling them or their families.

IMO: The overpaid nurses are often too bored and lazy to do their work properly. And they prefer to have plenty of DNR notices to economise and avoid Cameron's "cuts". It is all very well to say 'nurses are great' but they are not. And many do not even speak English. I heard one nurse telling another nurse in Tagalog how to do an injection to a patient, and it was clear that neither nurse actually knew English nor how to do the injection. That is England for you, now and today.

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