Saturday, October 01, 2011


Taking a dig at his ally BJP over the Advani-Narendra Modi 'cold war', Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray on Saturday said the "triphala churn" (an ayurvedic mix of three herbs used to detoxify and rejuvenate the body) concocted by the RSS, Gadkari and Advani is troubling the Gujarat chief minister.

Thackeray's comments, in an editorial in party mouthpiece `Saamana', come amid reports of the two day BJP national executive meet being overshadowed by a cold war between the party's two big guns -- L K Advani and Narendra Modi -- with the latter conspicuous by his absence.

BJP national vice president Vinay Katiyar said, "Haven't read what is written in the Saamna article. BJP is not some family's party, but a party of its workers. Party workers have the ability of expressing their opinion and whatever decision is taken, it is unanimously followed."

IMO: Shiv Sena is also a party of a lot of workers. Bal Thackeray's views must be taken very seriously.

'Saamna' also had an article entitled "How Modi's dandiya has the BJP in a tizzy', and carried a caricature of Modi playing the Dandiya. The article makes fun of how the BJP top brass was at a loss to explain his absence.

Ii is not all a barrel of laughs, Bhatt's house has been raided again by the Gujarat police and his wife fears for his life.

Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi said, "Bhatt is being victimised. His premises are being raided again and again. There is no law and order in Gujarat."

According to Tehelka, Modi made a serious slip. On the evening of 27 February 2002, after the terrible Sabarmati train carnage in Godhra, Modi had called a ‘law and order meeting’ at his residence, at which, in an unforgivable act, he is infamously reported to have told his officers, “Let the Hindus vent their anger.” The signal was sent. The mayhem that followed is history.

IMO: Other aspects of the articles by Tehelka also suggest that Modi is seriously in the wrong. Tehelka is a very serious paper which is frequently correct. For example, it gained fame over its exposure of George Fernandes where it actually produced videos of Fernandes in the process of taking a bribe. Pant, who allegedly made the comment leading to the arrest, apparently holds views not shared by other witnesses.

IMO: India does not need another Rick Perry. And the whole SEZ situation for example, especially in Goa, should be re-examined.

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