Friday, October 14, 2011

Letwin sacked after abandoning UK Govt documents

It appears that he frequently used to throw Govt documents into public rubbish bins after he had glanced at them. And has even been photographed whilst doing so.

IMO: Practically everybody knows you should at least put such documents through a shredder for a number of reasons. It seems Letwin was an investment banker - or crook as some call that job. Bearing in mind that nowadays in the USA, quite serious sentences are obtained (e.g. 10 years) for the offences often needed to be committed if you intend to make money in investment banking, and Letwin was in a targetable job (senior M.P.), there must be an amazingly high level of mutual trust between these bankers and the police.  Or possibly there are other reasons, like idleness and incompetence all round. Mr. Cameron claims we have a 'broken Britain'. If so, it becomes evidence where some of the 'breaks' are - and not just in Letwin, who on the face of it now just sounds like a sock puppet or 'front' for the other idle rich.

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