Saturday, October 08, 2011

Hazare again

Social activist and Gandhian Anna Hazare's claim of not harbouring warm feelings for the RSS and the BJP notwithstanding, the people have been left wondering about the intention of his 'apolitical' anti-corruption movement.

While his earlier agitations were only against corrupt public officers, this time he has targeted the Congress at the Centre and in the states.

IMO:  " It seems plain that it is difficult to see how Hazare can do otherwise. In fact we could claim that commentators who hold the view that Hazare is now acting politically, are themselves the people with a (perhaps unconscious) political bias.

But as Bal Thackerey seems to imply, possibly in these cases we need the gun and not the ballot box. In other words, shoot the corrupt bastards, But it is to be hoped that Ghandian methods will succeed for Hazare. It seems possible that the American police bashings of innocent American protestors are partly due to the possible US use of weapons to, as it were, 'kill the corrupt bastards'.

The world is rapidly becoming rather like Weimar on stilts, with the possible likely consequences. In the case we may be a little too sophisticated to simply blame the Jews, like Hitler did, though clearly many Jews are involved in US banking. But unfortunately the Danziger cartoon "In der Kuche mit Angela" may well sum up the current situation in Europe."

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