Saturday, October 01, 2011

Didi and the Naxals

Maoists have said talks and anti-Maoist operations by joint forces cannot continue simultaneously - a tit for tat reply to Ms Banerjee's recent statement that talks and Maoist killings cannot continue at the same time.

"Who has given you the right to kill? I am all for negotiation, so I have given lot of time...I will give more if you want. But you will murder and negotiate...that cannot be. You can't do both. You have to choose one,"

IMO: My memory of the recent past of this matter is that when CPI offered to negotiate, it seemed to be a kind of ruse to kill the Naxal negotiators. Also there has been wrong on both side in the past. And it seems obvious that in Chattisgargh, to some extent both sides are trying to gain the advantage of the innocence of many of the tribals. It may well be not so bad in Bengal, but all sides will find it difficult. My bet is that TMC will do a lot better than CPI. But the message seems to be that it will not be easy for any of the parties to come to terms.

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