Wednesday, October 05, 2011

CM lays corner stone for waste plant at Raia

Margao: Chief minister Digambar Kamat on Sunday said "If children are given lessons on garbage management in schools, they will then prevail upon their parents not to dump garbage just about anywhere as is being done now. This will go a long way in keeping the city clean. The cooperation of locals is imperative for the success of any garbage treatment plant," Kamat said after laying the foundation stone for setting up of solid waste management plant at Sonsoddo which is expected to become functional by next monsoons.

IMO: Let us hope that these children do prevail on their parents not to dump garbage, and generally to be more socially responsible and not so mean and greedy. The children are supposed to be getting good educations very often and those matters certainly should be part of their education. Goa is a very wealthy place for India but much poorer people in other areas often behave better. It shows that money certainly does not bring spiritual excellence.

IMO: It is certainly true that people in Goa throw garbage everywhere. But there is still no efficient garbage collection service in many places. And collecting garbage by individuals is more socially expensive than having a proper garbage service. Where I lived in Mumbai a garbage lady came around daily and it did not cost much. The area was spotless, and other flat dwellers kept it that way. Maybe the children could help to insist on proper local garbage collections.

Kamat exuded confidence that the Raia project would turn into a success.

IMO: Raia still stinks, and has caused many disputes. I trust it will be improved as claimed. But they seem to have been offering improvements for 30 years and it has got worse not better.

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