Friday, October 07, 2011

Cameron proposes full marriage rights for same-sex couples

Some delegates walked out of the Prime Minister’s speech at his party’s conference when he announced that he supported same-sex marriage ‘because I am a Conservative’.

IMO: In fairness, the idea of actual same-sex marriage - as distinct from many somewhat similar looking ideas like formal sacred lifelong partnerships with many roughly equivalent legal rights - is total crap, and Cameron should resign. Look at Tory policies over many years. Earlier or later, it is not the case that the Tory view is for same sex marriage. Also, it is a rotten idea, and the Telegraph gives only a few of the reasons. Also there is the obvious biological difference between male and female, which created the reason for marriage in the first place. This matter really has only to do with tolerance in the sense that Cameron is now preaching intolerance for established factual and common sense views. In short, intolerance for Tory views. It is almost a step further than the difference between allowing Metropolitan Community Church to exist and insisting that the Church of England are legally required to allow 'gay' clergy. The latter would be clear intolerance of views which many feel are sacred. Cameron's views are not just antisocial and to many antireligious, but antifemale as well. Any fool should see that, but maybe Cameron does not.

IMO: Sack Cameron NOW. What we want is a Glass-Steagal Act and a Tobin tax. Santander (where my wife puts her meagre savings) and many other banks have just been downgraded by Moodys. Why ? Because of the clowns now running the Tory party.

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