Thursday, October 06, 2011

Bal Thackeray opposes reclamation, praises Anna

"The sea doesn't belong to you," he told the ruling Congress-NCP alliance. "With a pistol in my hand, I will stop any attempt to divorce Mumbai from the state of Maharashtra," Thackeray said amid prolonged cheers.

Stating that the Koli-Bhandaris were the original inhabitants of Mumbai, he said, "The Sena will take to the streets if the government does anything to jeopardize the interests of the two communities."

Our Central leaders are nincompoops-(defence minister) A K Antony can't protect himself...The Congress couldn't give enough toilets to countrymen in the last 65 years. How will it take care of India's defence? The Congress has turned India into a dumping ground."

Shiv Sena leader Bal Thackeray called Gandhian Anna Hazare's anti-corruption movement a ‘joke.' “The people around him have turned his anti-corruption movement into a joke. Anna, corruption will not end in this country. Big fish are involved in this. Your net will get torn, but these fish will not be caught,” he said, suggesting that Anna deal with it more strongly.

IMO: At least his point on Anna may hold true. Thackeray actually seems to want something done NOW about corruption and praises Hazare. He has always favored a strong approach but one must hope for the best and that Anna's rather Ghandian methods do show some success. Reflect about Antony, and hope that the big money spending will lead useful results, especially in Afghanistan. BJP often talks big but do little that is useful. But when  Bal Thackaray says "With a pistol in my hand" - that's what he means. Ah, Shivaji days.... But Congress still seems to be the best hope for India - unfortunately.

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