Thursday, September 22, 2011

ISI behind strikes on American targets, says US at last

The US panel's decision to reel back aid and make it conditional came after several US officials made scathing remarks about Pakistan's continued use of terrorism to achieve its objectives in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

IMO: Also, the US is short of funds because of bad planning for many years. Infrastructure throughout USA has been neglected and now unemployment levels have reached a high standard on a worldwide basis.

The ISI specifically directed, or urged, the Haqqani network to carry out the September 13 attack on the US embassy and a Nato headquarters in Kabul, two unnamed US officials said, recalling a similar ISI-sponsored attack on the Indian embassy in Kabul which killed a diplomat and a military attache.

US lawmakers also said that Pakistani officials had knowledge of illicit money transfers to Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad, following up serious charges by the US ambassador to Islamabad Cameron Munter to the effect that ''there is evidence linking the Haqqani Network to the Pakistan government".

Washington believes the Pakistani government to engage in terrorist activity. In a Congressional hearing on terrorism financing on Wednesday, Democratic Representative Richard Blumenthal substantiated this view by saying the major source (of funding) for Shahzad was in Pakistan, ''possibly with the complicity of the financial institutions there, possibly with the knowledge of officials in Pakistan."

IMO: Of course you cannot really blame the man in the street. And what is worse, many Pakis actually believe the oily speeches their leaders make, most of which bear no relation to the truth. Imran Kahn, for example, seems to be as well brainwashed with the lies of a few Saudis and his own over opulent country members. You realise that Bush's comment that he would "bomb the Pakis back to the stone ages" at least would resolve the problem as the Paki leadership do not seem to be doing so. I feel sorry for the police and even many of the ordinary soldiers

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