Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Foreign criminals are allowed to stay in the UK

Europe’s corrupt judges rule that – regardless of what the British public and legal system may think –  a  Nigerian sex offender should be allowed to stay in the UK. For good. His right to a family and private life must be protected, the judges say – and to hell with the rights of his victim or anybody else for that matter. Yet again, it is proof that Strasbourg’s unaccountable judges – who most notoriously granted the vote to convicted UK prisoners - have zero respect for laws made by the British Parliament, or the verdicts of our courts.

IMO: All this is why many decent people want to leave the UK for good, if they have the chance. The UK citizens were never given a proper vote on EU membership and now the euro seems to be becoming trash. There are no really good and obvious reasons for the UK to remain part of Europe any longer, and two of the 'cuts' it seems Cameron should making are (1) cut salaries of MPs, teachers and 'civil' servants. (2) Get out of the EU fast (except possibly as an associate) so as to cut out paying money to it. Otherwise the money will just go to benefit German industrialists, doubtless of the Zyclon B variety - they are toxic waste.

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