Sunday, September 04, 2011

A flawed bill threatens the very future of the UK NHS

"The new health bill displays an unhealthy fascination with the discredited US system." says Shirley Williams.

IMO: Yes, the bill is flawed and very bad. A pity so many people were gulled into voting  Cameron Tory. Maybe there should be a new 'Democratic Tory' party which could do a lot of things. e.g (a) bar any member or previous member of the Bullingdon and similar clubs. The Tory party is not for lifelong wealthy criminals and louts, and should not be allowed to be. (b) stick to its pre-election promises, and only change the way of doing things after open and transparent scrutiny and then within reasonable bounds. Insurance salesmen would be jailed if they broke their promises as easily as the Cameron Tory party is doing. (c) Cameron Tories should not destroy the NHS and all donations should be given careful scrutiny, particularly in view of previous apparenly fraudulent donations to the Tories to ruin the NHS. Surely £750 million cannot be easily covered up..... And much more.

Protests against the Government's controversial health reforms took place across England on Saturday, with union leaders warning of a "battle" over the future of the NHS.

Candlelit vigils and demonstrations were being held, petitions organised and street stalls mounted in towns and cities on Saturday and Sunday.

Protests were held in areas including Reading, London, Cambridge, Norwich, Sunderland, Jarrow, Manchester, Burnley, Brighton, Leeds and Portsmouth.

Unison said the so-called NHS Big Weekend showed opposition to the reforms from health workers and members of the public.

IMO: Let us hope these protests work. When Blair was complained about, he took no notice. And neither will his pal Cameron unless much stronger pressure is brought to bear.

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