Friday, September 02, 2011

Darling’s ‘dentist’ swipe at Brown in latest leak

Dealing with Gordon Brown was “like having dental treatment with no anaesthetic”, Alistair Darling’s memoirs say, according to yet more leaks from the book.

The words are supposedly attributed to Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister, about his successor in No 10 with whom he had numerous heated run-ins.

IMO: There is clearly a lot of difficulty in dealing with the British people as they all seem to be half way crazy. The "Prime Mentalist" as Brown was called, just seem to be one sad sample. And the metaphor quoted by Darling is actually not even that of the relatively timid Darling, but of spin-happy Blair. It is such a pity that UK politics is so badly organised. You'd think they could find some psychologists/psychiatrists (say like Ariely, who apparently really had problems and faced them) to sort out the whole lot for the good of the nation.

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