Sunday, September 04, 2011

Darling & his memoirs

Some say "If David Miliband had the courage to tell Darling that they should oust Brown, history might be very different. They could have forced Brown out, changed economic course and lured the LibDems into a post-election coalition".

A comment made was "The turd Darling signed us up to the EU bail outs, he exploited the rotten expenses rules to the full and now he continues his greed and lack of personal qualities to cash in on his version of a relationship with a man unsuited for office. Both Darling and Blair never had the guts to feed Brown to the wolves or in Blair’s case sack him. Too many dirty deals."

"Parliament is still in need of radical change. Institutionalised corruption pervades all corners of Westminster. None of the current political leaders of the three main stream parties have the moral fortitude to bring about that change. The public needs to bring change by voting UKIP to send a clear message to these corrupt people. The taxpayer has suffered enough from these greedy self indulgent incompetent fools".

IMO: All the above and more in quite an interesting post. UTAP I share the views in the last paragraph. I even mentioned earlier that a UKIP vote might help, but now I'm not so sure. The country has too much inertia. Shirley Williams helped to liven things up for the Libdems but now we just have Clegg. I think we need a new Tory party as stated earlier.

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