Friday, September 02, 2011

Bullingdon Club & Cameron

The PM, who was in Oxford University’s infamous Bullingdon Club, was asked if there were similarities between being a member of “a youthful gang that engages in violent behaviour” and the rampaging mobs who brought anarchy to our streets.

IMO: So, like me and many many others, the BBC "see it" unlike Cameron and Blair. So no wonder those two crooks want to close the BBC.

John Mann, MP for Bassetlaw, said: “David Cameron has questions to answer after his claim that he did not witness people throwing things through windows or smashing up restaurants during his days as a Bullingdon Club member.

“This is very different to what other people remember.

“If we are to get more responsibility throughout our society following the riots then the Prime Minister should set an example.”

But no: The PM yesterday hit back with his own attack on the BBC’s reporting of the riots.

IMO: So basically Cameron is both a fool and the sort of weak, naive hypocrite who wishes to censor those who expose his exploitation of the public, his intolerance, and his weakness of character.

IMO: I really think I might have felt better if Cameron had led the riots from the front, and admitted it. Then we might have a PM who faces up to life's challenges, like I have had to do, and so have many others. All we seem to have is a weak guy with money who says we have a 'nanny state' just because many people try to have a sense of responsibility.

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