Wednesday, August 17, 2011

UK police corruption

The Register readers say

"Woman gets 5 months for taking a pair of nicked trainers worth a few quid, plod gets let off for taking bribes in the form of spa breaks worth £19,000 wasnt it?

Guy gets arrested for wanting to organise a water gun fight, plod gets off even after being filmed smacking a peaceful protestor 1/2 his size twice with a baton.

Guy loses TWO jobs for tweeting a joke about wanting to firebomb Nottingham Airport, plod gets let off for killing a Brazilian electrician and then photoshopping his picture to make him look like the guy they SHOULD have been following...

says a lot about this country really...."

"the investigation has been ended because these people have pre-emptively resigned and therefore the IPCC can take a position that it has no authority to investigate further.

It is manifestly deciding not to pursue certain lines of inquiry which may lead to real evidence against them on this basis.. And is saying the any further investigation must be done by the government inquiry"

IMO: In other words the authorities are covering for their own people, just as the councils are defrauding charities. The sounds are like some which Congress have made about the Anna Hazare matter. One reason the Brits got thrown out of India is because they were  behaving in the way they still are. And anyway, if  these  MPs were a real government and not just a bunch of hypocrites, they could take still the matter further. The most we can probably hope for is the throwing out of the Murdochs, and the morals and issues there are totally different if perhaps equally repugnant.

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