Thursday, August 11, 2011

UK Parliament demands violent repression of British youth riots

ICFI say "Yesterday’s emergency debate in the British parliament, recalled in emergency session following the eruption of youth riots earlier this week, was a contemptible spectacle.

The disturbances that have swept large parts of London and other cities and towns across England are the direct product of the vast growth in poverty, deprivation and police brutality faced daily by many working class youth.

Everyone knows that these conditions are of the outcome of deliberate policies pursued by Labour and Conservative governments alike over the last three decades, as they have competed to satisfy the financial oligarchy and super-rich at the expense of working people. And everyone is well aware that the current Conservative-Liberal Democrat government’s austerity measures—driven by the self-same class interests—will lead to even greater social devastation and inequality.

But any reference to this reality was strictly off limits".

IMO: Well it is the true reality, and at least in this blog it is not off-limits. I believe Cameron even would like to censor or cancel the popular Twitter. Presumably he'd also like to censor anything else that does not happen to kowtow to his desired slave society. Another thing, I would bet that the enormous SocGen would like to censor the Daily Mail, who appears to have written its usual rubbish about French banks which sounds like obvious lies. These lies knocked 25% off SocGen shares. I bet somebody made a profit, but it will not have been a boy who nicked a pair of trainers. My solution ? Maybe a Tobin tax.

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