Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tony Blair makes reasonable comments

According to the UK "Daily Mail" Tony Blair writes:

#1 if people started to believe Britain had lost its moral compass society at large would be depressed and the country's image abroad would be ruined.

IMO: Indeed. They do believe Britain has lost its moral compass and certainly held that view since the enormous virtually non violent protests at the policies of Blair over Iraq. So now we just have violent protests, after a supposedly populist Government seemed to lose its way. I am not taking a view on the Iraq matter here, just observing what happened. And the image of the UK has definitely gone down in the world, perhaps a pity just before the Olympics.

#2 The left argued the rioters were the victims of social deprivation and the right said they needed to take responsibility for their actions, both sides 'just miss the point'.

IMO: Indeed. And the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Neither side have done much about these problems as they have been too busy helping themselves to the public funds or taking a blind eye to the financiers doing so. Where is Glass-Steagal ? Where is Tobin ? Indeed, where even is Dodd-Frank ? Perhaps more important, where are the funds to pay more police to socially help these fellows/give the thugs a thrashing (choose one or both). I'll tell you where, in pockets of the politicians (including Tony Blair) and their cronies.

#3 The 'big cause' lay with alienated youths from dysfunctional families living outside 'any canons of proper behaviour .

IMO: Exactly. The 'alienated youths..' are members of the Bullingham Club and those who try to emulate them. The 'lower orders' used to try to emulate the Queen. Indeed, years ago, at the cinema if you did not stand up when "God Save the Queen" was played, you were quite likely to be beaten up. Unfortunately members of the Bullingham Club, including Mr. Blair, are said by some to reach the depths of depravity and so they are emulated - obviously easier to emulate. It is no joke.

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