Monday, August 01, 2011

So much for the "Big Society"

Thousands of UK charities face deep cuts, with many losing their funding altogether.

"These are not just 'nice to have' groups but organisations providing vital services for older people trying to maintain independent lives, vulnerable children and abused women," said False Economy campaign director Clifford Singer.

The list of charities facing funding Cameron cuts includes 112 adult care charities, 142 elderly-related charities, 382 children's and young people-related charities and 151 disability-related charities.

IMO: The "Big Society" was always obviously a Tory "Big Con". It could have been made a lot worse. The cuts are largely because local authorities, under Labor, had to pay a lot of the charity money. Obviously, many local authority staff are greedy as hell and basically concerned to trouser as much money as they can. Before, they had to 'pander to arseholes' (not my words) but now they do not. I do run a small nonprofit in the UK and never sought any money, just fair treatment and there was never any chance of that. But Cable was right, a lot of careful work was necessary if any cuts were to be made. It is hardly in Cameron's interest that these local council people are now showing their true colours. Even now, he could improve matters. After paying lifelong, there is becoming little chance of any treatment we paid for. For example on the NHS, it is difficult to get any sensible advice, let alone decent trestment or an operation. I spent a lot on phone calls to the NHS and did not get one penny worth of advice. People will be put on an indefinite waiting list and Cameron can only hope we snuff it before we get a vote. We are really just being told to 'go away and die' and we were told this over the phone by the NHS.

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