Thursday, August 04, 2011

The Smurfs are fascist, Stalinist and racist says sociologist

He has even written a book about it. Smurf Village or Hitler's Berlin? Same thing, posits Antoine Buéno's new book, "The Little Blue Book".

This serious book alleges the Smurfs are based on the Ku Klux Klan and that they are deviant perverts. Smurfin is the only female living in the village and her image –with blond hair and refined facial characteristics – strongly resembles the Arian beauty-ideal of the German Nazis.

IMO: In a way I have always thought the Smurfs were a sort of version of the obscene UK children's series "Captain Pugwash". The BBC and others keep saying there are no filthy double entendres in "Captain Pugwash" but normal human beings seem to spot hundreds of them, fewer perhaps than in some of the Horne & Mudoch BBC series, but a lot for children nonetheless. I understand that years ago there used to be an obscene video around starring Father Abraham (the Dutch comic actor) with the Smurfs, and whilst this could confirm the point, in the way of such matters it may not have used the original cast. There have to be some social issues somewhere in all this, but I have not noted them so far.

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