Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Researchers poke gaping holes in Google Chrome OS

Matt Johansen said, "Chrome hacking through XSS may be only the beginning, since the flaws are among the easiest to find and exploit".

“Who knows what we're going to be looking for months or years from now when Google can figure out a way to thwart the cross-site scripting threat,” he said. “Why would we be trying to write buffer overflows when we can just write a simple JavaScript command.”

IMO: I do not use Chrome very much, but for my purposes (a PC not a netbook) I have so far not found significant speed advantages, unlike some claim. I'd be guessing you must certainly expect it to be somewhat vulnerable, like all browsers. For years the MAC enthusiasts said that the MAC was fairly hack and virus free, but IMO that has simply always been because people didn't bother to hack or virus the MAC much. Chrome at best, is probably only as strong as its weakest extensions.

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