Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Norway to 'change'

"Regardless of how much we talk about democracy, openness and the fact that we should carry on as before, Norway will be forced to protect itself better against tormented 'losers' with evil intentions," the Verdens Gang daily wrote in an editorial yesterday.

IMO: For many reasons, this is totally unrealistic. Think of the analogous case in the UK, of elderly dying people being denied life saving surgery by a crooked greedy Government and totally corrupt Press Lords, who are simply the UK equivalent of the War Lords in Afghanistan. This certainly makes even suicide bombing of crap MPs or doctors by their innocent and worthy victims sound a reasonable and even a satisfactory option. So, unfortunately, there is similarly  more empathy with the anti-Muslim protest movement in Norway than one might wish. Obviously a lot of these poor bastards have simply been conned by a religion which seemed OK thousands of years ago, but which present Muslim wouldbe warlords have turned into total crap by any standards. So their imams are often enough idolators and blasphemers and should suffer the penalties of their misrepresentation of the faith of holy Islam. And the followers will get the same. Saying "we have to be tolerant" is practically a blasphemy by any standards. For many years, for example, Australia had a white Australia policy. It was done intelligently, it worked, and now one of Australia's major souces of income is Indian students. The Norwegians may live in a wealthy vaccuum, but they have to grow up and come into the real world or they will not survive - the UK and Europe don't have much chance at the moment either.

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