Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More RTI activists attacked and murdered

Bhopal-based activist Shehla Masood became the latest victim of a rising trend in attacks on such people who have tried to expose wrongdoings through the information disclosure law. In 2010 alone, at least 10 RTI activists were killed, apparently in revenge attacks.

IMO: Commonly believed to be just another murder by the 'tiger mafia' in her case, since she had been working on alleged malpractice in the state‚Äôs wildlife conservation, tourism and other departments, Plenty of people now will not venture an opinion on anything at al in case some government official is offended. I suppose the first time I fully appreciated the corruption problem in India was many years ago, when I had the opportunity to ride in an 'ordinary' government offical's motor car. Austerity was the name of the game, and this was a Hindustan Ambassador. But inside I had never had such comfort, and it drove better than a Rolls Royce. Now they are saying in the media that these babus have their own expensive business jet planes.  Something should be done or it will end up as bad as in the UK, where habitually members of pariament buy a television or some such - paid for by illegal confiscation of public funds - and then make a speech saying that people who steal televisions should be jailed.

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