Thursday, August 11, 2011


To me, after Cameron's unsane behaviour involving the cuts and so many other things, even after he was occasionally advised by a few at least half way sharp minds such as Vince Cable, the looting situation was, whilst admittedly abominable, exactly what might have been expected.

I certainly expected it.

But out of some amusement and annoyance at the very bad situation, I read a few articles as to what people say.

Alex Hiller, a marketing and consumer expert at Nottingham Business School, points out that there is no conflict between anomie and consumption: "If you look at Baudrillard and other people writing in sociology about consumption, it's a falsification of social life. Adverts promote a fantasy land. Consumerism relies upon people feeling disconnected from the world."

IMO: Yes, it is the ongoing Thatcherite attempts to promote greed, particularly for trivia, that are pushing forward the UK fascism that we are barely able to tolerate now. It is essentially the same 'National Socialism' that fuelled the Third Reich. But the UK does not have enough slave labor to push forward its agenda, such as has frequently been available to Germany, and is even now with a pauperised EU. A proper socialist agenda might work even now - or for that matter a proper right wing agenda, but NOT Blairite or Thatcherite lies and fantasy - and look at it this way - most of these people even claim to be religious, and that is a fantasy of its own. They are simply devil-worshipers, like the Vatican is, a fact that non Catholics have seen clearly for years. Now even the Irish are beginning to realise the horrible truth. Not that I could complain about the Vatican, but I was even briefed by Catholic priests perhaps as long ago as 30 or 40 years as to what a mess the Catholic Church is. Not that I would suggest guys like Warren Jeffs (the poor man's pope) or Jimmy Swaggart instead, not nice choices. Certainly the way Blair became Prime Minister was that the electorate supported his fascism, and what a mess that was. Wilson had tried to give genuine socialism, but his supporting electorate were just the same types as today's drunken thugs. And it sure does not say the Tories are OK, the old saying was that a Tory House of Lords at least cuts down the amount of street mugging - the worst muggers then being in the House of Lords.

Well there are plenty of ways it can be put right, and they will not be tried, as far as I can see.

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