Sunday, August 28, 2011

LibDem plans for more taxes on an impoverished country already swindled by politicians

Households in more affluent parts of the UK should pay more tax so money can be “transferred” to poorer councils, a party policy paper says. Lib Dem officials have identified almost 70 areas where better-off residents should pay significantly more in tax than their council spends on services for them.

IMO: Hmmn, in my opinion certain aspects of Cameron's view are more sensible than silly Clegg's. For a start, just about all the local authorities pay too large salaries to council employees, and money intended for matters like bona fide charity work is never handed out. The 'cuts' should be made right now in local authorities salaries and their pensions should not be paid unless they are efficient, that means - not subject to any public complaints. This should go WELL beyond cases like the notorious 'baby P' case where senile and/or corrupt judges overturned public Labor and Tory decisions for reasons which seem non-existent or of no real merit. So let us get on with it, and SACK AND TAX THE OVERPAID JOBSWORTHS 'WORKING' FOR THE COUNCIL. The only problem is to make sure the right people are kept, and the wrong ones removed and their pensions returned to the serving of the public. Make these council criminals see what real poverty and hardship is like. I grit my teeth when I see council pamphlets of a self-serving self-congratulatory nature. And then see fat thugs who run the council simply pocketing the public money, directly or through theft and fraud, usually perpetrated against the very people they were supposed to help - usually the sick, the old, and the vulnerable. Never mind the worthless bastard Clegg and his corrupt views. Sack Clegg NOW, and confiscate his salary for breaking public promises and all the other reasons. In many countries, even USA, people like Clegg are tarred and feathered and ridden out of town on a rail.

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