Wednesday, August 17, 2011


According to the Bombay Times, Congress party spokesperson Rashid Alvi's comments questioned US "support" for Hazare and a foreign power trying to destabilise India.

They said Rashid Alvi "said the sophisticated nature of the orchestrated campaign called for urgent attention to the hidden hand while recalling in the same breath the surprise statement from the US State Department urging the Indian government to respect democratic protests".

Washington now claims it said that it supported the right of non-violent protest universally.

IMO: A lot of people thought the US seriously tried to destabilise the UK when at one point (about the Wilson era) it thought that the UK was getting "too commie". Many thought the US were planning a 'coup' of the UK. The point is that Alvi was not being unreasonable if he did make a provocative statement like that. Australia had the problem of the UK with their Winston Churchill at Gallipoli, and after WW2 we were firmly warned as children not to let the worthless UK pommie bastards try it on for a third time. And then the US brought us into Vietnam. India also had a problem with the Brits. But hopefully Hazare will have a strong enough protest and benefit will ensue. India is an older and basically more stable country than the US, so it is hoped that it will sort out these problems and cut down the corruption. In the longer term, that should be the best for most people. Support for Hazare is swelling, anti graft cries grow louder and as India is probably the greatest democracy on the planet, we should be able to handle it all.

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