Wednesday, August 24, 2011

'Disturbing rise' in UK arrest deaths

Investigations have been launched into the death of a man who was shot with a Taser.
Campaigners have warned of a "disturbing trend" over fatalities from police confrontations as investigations were launched into a man's death following a Taser shooting. The 53-year-old, named locally as Philip Hulmes, was hit with electric probes from the police weapon after barricading himself in his house on Tuesday.

IMO: That was the second Taser police killing in a week, and there are a lot of recent police killings. This is clearly partly due to Cameron's cuts. The plods are probably scared of the cuts. It is only too obvious that they will probably be made unjustly. And of course the lower orders are afraid of being killed by the police by now, as we know from the recent riots. It looks like it can only get worse. Hope overseas visitors enjoy their Olympics.

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