Thursday, August 25, 2011

China deploys advanced n-missile on Indian border: US

The PLA has replaced liquid-fuelled, nuclear-capable CSS-2 IRBMs with more advanced and survivable solid-fuelled CSS-5 MRBM systems to strengthen its deterrent posture relative to India, the Pentagon has said in its annual report on Chinese military build up to the Congress. The report also says that Beijing is pumping in huge investments on border infrastructure developments laying more roads and rail network along the Sino-Indian border.

Pentagon said that New Delhi remains concerned by China's close military ties with Pakistan and its growing footprints in the Indian Ocean, Central Asia and Africa. The report noted that Pakistan continued to be China's primary customer for conventional weapons and sales to Islamabad included newly rolled out JF-17 fighters with production facilities, F-22P frigates with helicopters, early warning and control aircraft, tanks, K-8 trainers, F-7 fighters, air-to-air missiles, anti-ship cruise missiles and missile technologies.

IMO: Such a pity that some Chinese are so paranoid. Surely it would be a lot easier just to steal the Spratleys from the Phillipines if they seek immediate criminal advantage. There are so many completely happy senior Chinese in India, probably making genuine benefits to India, and many most certainly do not want to go back to China, which is after all still a police state, with worries - perhaps rightly - about the Uighar Muslim minority which they are still illlegally forcing less serious nations - like Thailand - to force back to China when they have legitimately left. All this could be stopped by sensible controls within China. How long, then, before they try to illegally 'repatriate' unwilling Chinese even from poor little New Zealand. And the now corrupt Australian Governments with their 'bagmen' and needless taxes on the rural community, are even unsuccessfully trying to end India's peaceful nuclear program, and have already murdered for no good reason, harmless and decent Indian citizens. It all seems a shame, and China, which has a great many internal problems, looks from outside almost to be encouraging another - or indeed several - Taiping rebellions, and this certainly is not in anyone's interest. Unlike free, democratic India, unfortunately China is a country with many real internal problems which could - and should - improve a lot. Many Chinese are peaceful people, but like Gadaffi's Libya, are hindered by an over strict 'welfare state' which many Chinese run from when they learn the truth - though China is very ready for open ness and improvement. China might well have been the next Libya were it not for the "great firewall of China" and many other internal inequities. After the recent big rail crash there is some evidence that the Chinese authorities are beginning to "smell the coffee" and realise that they continue to be a bunch of Gadaffis, but it is possibly all too little, too late.

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