Monday, August 08, 2011

Cameron's 'Big Society'

I seriously think that all these London riots are what they might have expected. The blame is not just Cameron and his 'cuts' but Tony Blair's regime and all the rest of it.

In the position some of those people are in, you cannot expect anything else. I've said why several times in this blog.  And Cameron and all the other banana politicians clearly could not care less. A 'banana politician' starts off green, is yellow if there are constituent complaints, and of course is bent.

I do not like it but my choice of Prime Minister would probaby have been Diane Abbot, and that is still my view. Anyway, she could hardly have done worse than the present bunch of clowns. And, as usual, the decent honorable honest people like myself suffer.

Basic needs for the elderly and ill are clearly becoming less and less predictable because of the cuts, just because the MPs want to put the money in their own pocket or are simply too cowardly and incompetent to do their jobs. When I go back to the UK I am wondering whether I will even get my medicines, and may even have to pay for a wheelchair if I need one, after I have paid lifelong for the NHS from my earnings.

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