Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cameron and the cuts

Paul McKeever, president of the Police Federation, said Cameron's stance on police cuts was indefensible. "He is like a scientist who has a pet theory which has been completely debunked by exposure to reality. But he refuses to face that. The 16000 officers who have been on the streets in London are the number he wants to cut - that is the reality."

IMO: Seems correct. Cameron should have listened to Cable, and taken slower action. Things could still be put right, but they will almost certainly not be. Basically the fault was with the bankers, to start with we need at least a much stronger Glass-Steagal type act, and a Tobin tax NOW. Cameron is being bribed by the bankers, by Rupert, by the private doctors and just about every other wealthy thief he can find, so he will not even try to put things right. The hoodlums can be handled if he gets his accounts straight, which he will not do.

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