Sunday, August 14, 2011

Anna Hazare’s second indefinite fast

With less than 48 hours left for Anna Hazare’s second indefinite fast on the Lokpal issue, the UPA government and the ruling Congress today upped the ante, launching a scathing attack on him. While the Congress cited the findings of the Justice P B Sawant Commission to allege that Hazare was “corrupt from head to toe”, the government said his protest was “undemocratic” and “unacceptable”.

But Hazare maintained that the allegations against him were “baseless”. “I want the government to lodge an FIR against me and conduct an inquiry... Even if the Jan Lokpal Bill is cleared in Parliament, I will not call off my indefinite fast till the charges levelled against me are proved or my name is cleared,” he said.

Hazare claimed the Sawant Committee had noted that he did not indulge in corruption, while it had named some Maharashtra ministers against whom there were complaints. He said he had asked for a probe, but there had been no response.

IMO: Anyway, this sounds like the way Govt Officials tend to work. First they try to ignore a complaint, then they bluster that it is worthless in some way. Maybe now we should get some real action, but of course I do not know what.

Congress spokesperson Manish Tiwari said Hazare’s movement was backed by “armchair fascists, over-ground Marxists and apolitical anarchists”.

IMO: And that really sounds like bluster if ever I heard it, assuming - as is probable - that it is a direct quote.    

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