Saturday, July 16, 2011

Why Kasab is being fed and looked after

Nineteen people died and 131 were injured in the deadly blasts that struck Mumbai on Wednesday. Following the blasts, the common man's anger is directed at Ajmal Kasab, the face of 26/11. The people want to know why the terrorist is fed, looked after and protected at the expense of the nation.

"Well, point, that it takes a long time is a fact. We need to expedite that. I appreciate the point. That's the way things stand today. It takes time," Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan said.

Every accused is entitled to a free and fair trial. That's how any civilised democracy behaves. But can the legal process, which is currently slow and tardy, be expedited?

"There is no problem with the law. The infrastructure has to improve with technology and computerisation. In the 21st century we can't still have bullock-cart technology," said senior advocate KTS Tulsi.

IMO: This is correct, but certainly criminal appeals cannot be considered as one of the most urgent tasks. Every civilised country has to find its own order to do certain things and probably allegedly guilty murderers cannot reasonably jump the queue. UK and USA place such people even lower on the to-do list, and there are other factors. Narendra Modi of course goes to the other extreme and seems to want 'rough justice', but having seen quite a few SEZs which seem to be in his view a major improvement, I would not vote for him or his party at this time as it seems to have many faults. The local SEZ at Verna appears to have been a source of dengue and certainly avoids providing even very basic safety equipment to so-called 'ghattis' and other out of state persons, specific cases of workers from UP have been noted. This in itself is a criminal matter, caused by Modi's work. We do not want India run by crooks any more than it is. Modi apparently would like to turn the whole of Gujerat into an SEZ, and he will need to review his ideas if injustice is to be avoided. In fact at present his party seems to be an unpleasant unstable alternative. Effectively Modi is a wingnut extremist and sits with the CPI (Marxist) party. Not the opposite to CPI, but the same thing. He can only bring about the need for more Didis (Mamta B.).

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