Tuesday, July 26, 2011

UK Telegraph: I'm starting to think that the Left might actually be right

UK Telegraph says:
"It has taken me more than 30 years as a journalist to ask myself this question, but this week I find that I must: is the Left right after all? You see, one of the great arguments of the Left is that what the Right calls “the free market” is actually a set-up. .... As for the plight of the eurozone, this could have been designed by a Left-wing propagandist as a satire of how money-power works. A single currency is created. A single bank controls it. No democratic institution with any authority watches over it, and when the zone’s borrowings run into trouble, elected governments must submit to almost any indignity rather than let bankers get hurt. What about the workers? They must lose their jobs in Porto and Piraeus and Punchestown and Poggibonsi so that bankers in Frankfurt and bureaucrats in Brussels may sleep easily in their beds."

... and so on...

IMO: No, its not quite like that. But decency all round - which has never occurred in Europe in living memory - could have helped. The wretched Thatcher woman pretended to be decent, which made her more popular than she should have been. Unfortunately the last near-decent UK leader may have been Harold Wilson. But right or left, is not the issue really. It is all so sad. I'm afraid that Strauss-Kahn is the new Europe, and you are all f**cked.

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