Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sunday Times alleged use of web bugs.

Journalists from Sunday Times appear to have sent actual Trojans, hacking into computers belonging to members of the general public, using Trojan horse malware. Apparently this is to obtain stories which they consider newsworthy.  This was allegedly done in at least in 2005-2006 and presumably this practice continues with other Murdoch newspapers.

IMO: Maybe the "Times" and the "Sunday Times" should be closed as well as NoW ? It is said that Murdoch has checked to see what money it would bring in if all his UK papers were sold, and the answer is "very little".

IMO: I also wonder whether Rebekkah Brooks will turn up for interview. She has made a few mistakes at searching interviews already and maybe does not have the talent for it. It is common for dictators like Gadaffi to have somewhat similar problems. It is rather like the old Tamil proverb about the cat believing that the world disappears when it closes its eyes.

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