Monday, July 18, 2011

Prisoner's Dilemma and Murdoch arrests

An interesting situation. Of course the reasoning that plea-bargaining is (technically) forbidden in many countries is that it can be in the interest of both suspects to confess and testify against the other prisoner/suspect, even if each is innocent of the alleged crime       

IMO: Judge Scalia says plea-bargaining is OK and maybe if you hold to his general ethics, you agree. But many people take him to be a real turd, e.g. see the latest 'Tom the Dancing Bug' on Fat Earl & Judge Scalia. ("wow, awesome, you are raping, then slowly disembowelling that woman" - approved US children's games)

In practice with the 'nods and winks' so normal in a high profile case in the UK, we may be close to technical plea bargaining in at least some of the Murdoch cases.

This could make it look as if Rebekkah's (possibly later alleged faux) confession in 2003 could get her off a lot penalties more later.

But a Nash equilibrium need not be a Pareto optimum (ie all the Murdoch gang and their conspirators keeping quiet at this time might not be the best for them).  There are such a lot of further possibilities, e.g. Rebekkah could win credit for exposure which she could have rightly believed imminent, then later deny any real knowledge.

IMO: Overall if the Murdoch gang at some point keep quiet about their misdeeds at some point soon, that might be best for them and fits in with their ethos. Certainly Rebekkah seems presently to be winning right now on credits - Elizabeth Murdoch is reputed to have said recently"James and Rebekah f**ked the company".

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