Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nick Clegg: Ofcom should review Rupert Murdoch's Sky stake

Nick Clegg has told Ofcom, the media regulator, to review Rupert Murdoch’s existing stake in British Sky Broadcasting to see if the tycoon should be forced to give up his holding in the company.

IMO: If Ofcom do not force Murdoch to give up his holding, it seems that they (Ofcom) are not fit and proper people to be running Ofcom. Maybe Ofcom should go the John Yates road. Anyone who can remember our experiences of Rupert Murdoch from the old days could just about have guessed the way the recent meetings would have gone. And the UK establishment is so corrupt that unless something is done, he'll probably be putting in another application to run BSkyB in around 6 months.

IMO: I don't know whether the 'pie' incident was set up by the Murdoch gang but it certainly had the effect of promoting Murdoch's wife. Maybe this will help to encourage Chinese women to go around beating people up. It does not matter to me, but it may matter to Chinese husbands who may themselves turn out to be the most likely victims of their wives, thanks to Rupe. This is an observation based on varied experiences I have noted over quite a few years in the subcontinent. Chinese husbands take note. Perhaps your major worry nowadays may become Rupert Murdoch's wife.

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