Saturday, July 09, 2011

News of the World

There is speculation in the Murdoch empire that senior executives could face criminal charges in the US and the UK. Legal experts say that Les Hinton, the publisher of the WSJ, and James Murdoch could potentially face charges under the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) or the UK's Regulation of Investigative Practices Act (RIPA). The US law means executives can be held to account for bribes paid by overseas subsidiaries, while the RIPA makes company officials liable regardless of their direct role in unlawful practices. "Under RIPA, ignorance of what was going on is not a defence," said a legal source.

IMO: It is blatantly obvious that the whole matter is typical of Rupert Murdoch's style, and clearly in conspiracy cases such as this, very strong remedies are needed. It has also been alleged that James Murdoch paid over UKP100,000.00 in bribes to the police, which again seems to fit with the circumstances of the case. Further it is clear that in any judicial enquiry the phone calls and other communications with the judges will have been tapped, probably well in advance. The judiciary in the UK would be ill-advised to bother with any revelations coming from the Murdoch group, as these will likely have been faked. David Cameron was given a personal guarantee by Rupert Murdoch that Andy Coulson was safe to take on as his Downing Street press chief, and that is the beginning of the lies we will hear from the Murdochs. All these people should be jailed for a long time, in the best interests of the UK community. My instinct would be to give them all preventative detention, perticularly James Murdoch and Rupert Murdoch, as they are all certainly serious repeat offenders with no desire to stop offending. We do not want further bribing of the police by worthless plutocrats, nor implied threats against the UK judiciary.

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