Sunday, July 24, 2011

New deal is a charter for the Fourth Reich

The Irish Independent says: "It is not being widely reported yet, but the document the European powers signed in Berlin last Thursday is in fact the founding charter of the Fourth German Reich".

IMO: Well, I have said that was happening for some years. Pretty evident if you look at the geopolitics and the historical facts, Maybe it will turn out nicely for the bankers and perhaps the rich Chinese speculators, But the article goes on to say about the UK "Between a locked-in Europe of forelock-tuggers and the wide open seas, we will, like our fathers, pick the oceans". I hope so. We did not fight WW2 for no reason. Of course, everyone could end up happy. The Irish must be used to forelock-tugging by now, Guido Fawkes seems to have been doing it for years, for example, but I'm pretty sure the French won't be too quiet, at least to start with. And I don't like to think of Norway's reaction to the whole mess, already we have seen gunplay over this sort of thing, which of course "everyone deplores".

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