Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Murdoch - it really looks bad

"In a video Rebekah Brooks then known as Rebekah Wade openly admitted to paying police for information. This was in front of a British Parliament select committee in March, 2003. The person sitting beside her, Andy Coulson, interjected and quickly tried to cover it up. It must be noted that there is no way to pay the police within the law. It is bribery full stop. Andy Coulson was clearly lying. In the last few days Andy Coulson has been arrested on suspicion of phone hacking and corruption."

"Given that Rebekah Brooks openly stated in March 2003 that they had been paying police and that News Corp failed to take action and the practice continued after this then News Corp and its directors are clearly guilty of breaching section 70.2 of the 1995 Crimes Act. ... There is obviously enough evidence to charge Rupert Murdoch and News Corp.....The reason that News Corp and its directors can be charged under Australian Law is that News Corp was formerly incorporated in South Australia until a majority of shareholders approved a move on 12 November 2004 to the US.  The company was re-incorporated under Delaware General Corporation Law in the US not long after this. Rebekah Brooks made her admission while giving her evidence in the video in March 2003."

" The Murdoch’s seem to have close ties to police all over the world and News Corp executives seem to be habitual liars all over the world."

IMO: And so on..

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