Thursday, July 28, 2011

Leveson Enquiry

Many, many people believe "Politicians, police, and all involved are already beginning to turn  (the Leveson enquiry) into a damage limitation exercise. Why? Behind the scenes there will be threat and counter threat amongst all those involved.........those threatened with arrest could say 'if I go down I'll tell everything I know about police, mps, etc....and so protect me, or else'. Hence, the establishment close ranks. We'll end up with 2 or 3 persons max serving a short term in an open prison to satisfy the publics appetite......dozens will escape justice!

We should be aware that, no matter how robust they appear, such things as enquiries and parliamentary committees are only pieces of contrived theatre designed to hoodwink the electorate into believing action is being taken. All the players in these farces/charades are in collusion.......they are exercises in satisfying public appetite - designed to allow the guilty parties off the hook. The establishment always protects the establishment."

IMO: And in the meantime a corrupt gang of govt and press are allowing the elderly to die and wars to flourish. You can see the point of that Norwegian guy who recently killed those fellows. Apparently that had to do with Palestinian nationalism or some such (he was against it, I believe). But it nearly got that bad in the UK under Thatcher when I believe many people wanted to get rid of her and her vile scum, and as we can now see, with the ETFs and all that went before, it might have been better if they had. Most people do not like the idea of a revolution, but who can say what to do. Even people like the Ageing Charities seem to be in it for the money nowadays, and everyone seems to want to help themselves. Cut down the tall poppies at the top, crooked pressmen, judges, bankers and MPs for a start, some may well say. Nearly all on dope and cocaine, stoned right up to the wigs - and poor people like Amy Winehouse pay the price. There must be better ways but if anyone tries to do anything the establishment 'have an enquiry' at the taxpayer's expense. Maybe it is time for strong immediate action. But soon we will not even be allowed to say so.

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