Monday, July 18, 2011

Informant on Murdoch gang now dead

Sean Hoare was the first former NoW journalist to come out on the record, telling the New York Times last year that his former friend and NoW and Sun editor, Andy Coulson, had actively encouraged him to hack into voicemail.

It must have scared the rest of Fleet Street when he started talking – he had bought, sold and snorted cocaine with some of the most powerful names in tabloid journalism. These will be the sort of people currently advising the UK Government how to make more cuts to the ill and aged. At the time he died he seems to have been pretty clean.

IMO: I suppose we cannot be certain he was murdered by the Murdoch gang, though that does seem the most likely. His accounts do make it appear also, that he would have nothing to do with the two senior police officers who resigned recently in connection with their involvement (conspiracy ?)  with the Murdoch gang.

IMO: And why not Tobin taxes, a Glass Steagal Act and much much more? The crooks in Westminster and Whitehall are still in the pay of the bankers and crooked businessmen like the Murdochs. Lets hope a few revelations from the Murdochs may at least clear the air a little, and hopefully jail them, before more informants are murdered.

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